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Healing Clay Mask



Heal redness, inflammation and blemishes with our Healing Clay mask. This mask is specially crafted with Aloe Extract and Kaolin Clay to help soothe the skin, heal wounds, and reduce any redness (from acne or post peel use).

Aloe Extract: Anti inflammatory, anti ageing, heals wounds, lightens scars & blemishes, treats acne, soothes sunburn and treats dry skin. 

Kaolin Clay: Cleanses and detoxifies, pulls out impurities from pores, absorbs excess oil and gentle on skin. 

2 Ifo / 60g 


How to Use:

Use the Healing Clay Mask after each of the Flawless Fix Peel or use every 2-6 days depending on your skin. 

Step 1. In a bowl mix a spoonful of clay with a few drops of water

Step 3. Apply to a freshly washed face (Throghly wash the Flawless Fix Peel off) 

Step 2. Allow 10-15 minutes for mask to dry.

Step 3. Gently rinse with warm water and pat face dry.