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Face Off - Makeup Remover Pads

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Remove your makeup with just WATER! 

Using only water the FACE OFF pads can be used to remove makeup (including waterproof) and face masks for a deep clean. Makeup wipes can be full of skin aggravating ingredients such as perfumes and sulpahets that can lead to breakouts and further cause inflammation for sensitive / acne prone skin.

FACE OFF pads are both environmentally friendly and friendly to your skin. 

These makeup remover pads are dual-sided and reusable, and can be used up to 500 times (replacing 500 traditional makeup wipes) – Easy, Quick, Clean & Clear.


1. Wet the pad with cold or warm water.

2. Gently rub off makeup in a circular motion. For heavier makeup add more water to the pad and hold it to your eyes for an extra 10-15 seconds the micro fibres will ensure no make up goes back onto your face. 

3. Hand wash with soap and warm water after each use or between machine wash cycles.

For best results wash products as needed before use. Machine wash recommended 200 wash cycle before replacing.